Ebola Outbreak Map

Mar 8, 2018


WINCHESTER, Va. — A “safety zone” has been set up for the care of a patient from West Africa who went to the Winchester Medical Center’s emergency department Thursday with an illness, according to officials with Valley Health System.

Hospital staff are using a dedicated isolation unit within the emergency department to care for the patient.

“Out of an abundance of caution, we have made the decision to create a safety zone around a patient from West Africa who presented to the Winchester Medical Center Emergency Department today

appearing ill,” a brief emailed statement

from a Valley Health spokesman reads.

  1. the ongoing outbreak of lassa fever in Africa this month is affecting thousands of Africans migrants.

Even as doctors are grappling to contain the threat, health watchdogs are struggling to understand why the deadly virus has spread so dramatically.

The Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has confirmed 353 Lassa cases so far in march 2018.  http://www.zikavirusmap.net/uncategorized/spread-of-deadly-lassa-fever/

There is “no concern” that the patient has been exposed to the Ebola virus, according to Valley Health, which owns and operates the medical center in western Winchester.



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Ebola Outbreak Map


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