Ebola Outbreak Map

ebola virus illegal alien A woman reported to be from Africa arrived at the Eagle Pass Port of Entry No. 2 showing signs of illness at approximately 9:30 am on Wednesday.

The Eagle Pass Fire Department Paramedics were summoned to give medical assistance to the individual.
Upon arrival at the scene, EPFD Paramedics made contact with the female who was complaining of abdominal pains and other symptoms.
The Eagle Pass Fire department proceeded to transport the female to the Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center Emergency Room.

While at the ER it was noted that the female was also coughing up blood and had other possible Ebola Virus symptoms.

The individual was immediately put under ebola virus  quarantine protocols while laboratory work conducted to find out if explosive vomiting, high fever and explosive vomiting was ebola virus.

Up to now the medical status and any official information regarding this case has not been disclosed.

Ebola Outbreak Map


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