A United Airlines flight was diverted to Washington Dulles International Airport after a passenger on board died from a medical emergency.

Flight 1888 was traveling from Houston to Boston Wednesday morning when the passenger suffered a medical emergency. The crew used all available medical equipment on board, and had the plane diverted to Dulles, a United spokesperson said.

It’s not clear what the medical emergency was, but the spokesperson said the  passenger died.

On Tuesday, another passenger died after suffering a medical emergency on an American Airlines flight from London that landed in Philadelphia,

A passenger died after suffering a medical emergency on a flight that landed at Philadelphia International Airport.

A spokesperson with the airport told NBC10 medics responded to American Airlines flight 737 which departed from London, England and made a normal landing at Philly International around 5:45 p.m. Tuesday. The unidentified person was pronounced dead.

Officials have not revealed how the person died but said he or she suffered from a medical emergency unrelated to the flight.



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