“Up until this morning, we are talking about 13 people executed in yesterday’s attack, and we have also visited the place that was attacked. There we have seen the bodies of five women, two wounded, including a one-year-old baby”, said FARDC spokesman, Mac Hazukay.

‘‘They arrived in the village and immediately started shooting, looting the shop and setting fire to the shop. At the same time they asked my aunt to come from under the bed and if we refused they would burn us alive. So I told my aunt we go out and if we die, then we die”, said survivor, Kavira Marie.

Repeated attacks by armed groups on civilians, Congolese soldiers and U.N. peacekeepers have strained efforts to contain the epidemic, the second worst in history.

So far, Ebola is believed to have infected 471 people and killed 273 of them.

But independent experts say other armed groups and Congolese soldiers are responsible for some of the killings.




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