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We believe that Americans have the right to know where Ebola patients and Ebola monitoring is at in the United States and locations outside of Africa Ebola Outbreak meaning outbreaks occurring and originating from Africa.

We don’t want to spread Ebola fears; we just want to inform people about known Ebola locations and any place or location that  people are being monitored for Ebola.

We have been featured on numerous radio talk shows stations such as Glenn Beck The Blaze Radio and Sirius XM Radio  and online news articles, if you would like for us to be a guest on your radio station you may contact us to book us to be your guest.

Ebola Outbreak Map  provides a Free Ebola Outbreak Map.

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You  can donate to help keep the website running.  Keeping track of Ebola outbreaks is a full-time job and we can always use funds to help us track Ebola.

By donating you will be helping people stay informed of all the Ebola outbreak locations and that information could possibly save a life. If you believe  that informing people of new Ebola outbreak locations is a worthy cause then please donate.

There is a PayPal link on the Map page of this website for your convenience.  Thank you all for showing how much you care!


Ebola Outbreak Map Website disclaimer

This website lists all known Ebola outbreak locations and Ebola monitoring locations.  We do not claim to be doctors or medical professionals. Ebola  information you find on our website is to be used so you can be  informed as to where reports of Ebola Virus outbreaks and Ebola monitoring is occurring at.

Ebola Outbreak Map is registered under the Federal Trademark Act of 1946 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Any unauthorized use, publication or infringement of this designation without express written permission is prohibited.  Such violation is subject to liability for damages, injunctive relief, attorney’s fees and other penalties, civil and criminal.

TRUTH MATTERS Share On Facebook and Twitter

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  1. Thank you for easy log in/registration. Very hard to find information in any major news. I read scientific articles etc. and am licensed health care professional, now retired after 50 years. Hope you keep this site factual. It is not easy to read the lengthy over wordy articles but necessary to avoid sensationalism. People need true facts. I know my family will have solid knowledge to be safe. I am skeptical about “official” information as well as “sensationalism”. The danger is real. Please be responsible.


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