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John B Wells Caravan To Midnight Radio Show

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The Blaze Radio Show

to skip right to Ebola in New York City July 21,2015 58:00

Jay Severin The Blaze Radio Show May 26, 2015

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The Glenn Beck The Blaze with Jeff Fisher 1-17-2015

The Glenn Beck The Blaze Radio Network Saturday November 22,2014

Matt Murphy Radio Show http://www.1070wapi.com

Doctor Steve Weird Medicine Saturday at 10pm Eastern January 24, 2015 on XM103 Sirius 206! (Replays at @erockradio‘s pleasure.)

Check out our podcast on http://riotcast.com

please visit http://www.doctorsteve.com

Tell Dr. Steve that you appreciate having us on his show as his guest.

Listen to us on the podcast http://www.doctorsteve.com/2015/01/20/142-the-truth-about-female-ejaculation/

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