Ebola News From Our Readers

Ebola News Tips From Our Readers

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Ebola News Tips From Our Readers

do you have inside information?  Send us your news tips.  Sick passengers on your flight?  People vomiting blood?  send in your news to us send us your news tips we will publish your news tips on Ebola Outbreak Map.

sick passengers at airports, sick passengers on cruises,  sick people vomiting blood at your hospital ?

Ebola could be anywhere.

We need Ebola virus citizen reporters like yourself.  use your smart phone start taking video and pictures so we can post them here.

Have new Ebola information or News? Submit it to us Email Support@EbolaOutbreakMap.Com All information may be posted to our website, so if you don’t want it to be public don’t submit it.


Passengers at a busy airport arriving from Congo Africa

No health screenings at all at the airport

EBOLA outbreak

Carnival Cruise Employee cleaning up passengers room.

CARNIVAL CRUISE SHIP THAT WAS DENIED ENTRY INTO BOTH MEXICO & BELIZE OVER POSSIBLE EBOLA   Carnival Cruise Passengers waiting on the arrival of The U.S. Coast Guard Helicopter to take blood sample of Lab Tech Blood back for testing for Ebola

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  1. What if you had a section of scholarly published research published in medical journals that were completely cited correctly (full academic citation as well as hyperlink) in a format where the reader can read the article or use the link from the citation to find the original source. I did this after it became of interest and found a lot of information, such as how a blood test may not reveal Ebola if there are immunities and the individual may be carrying the virus in ‘immune priviledged” sites. I could help by sending what I have already but I’m out of time for today. Email me and let me know and we’ll get it done.


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