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26th Jun 2019



“The two Ebola patients were bleeding from the ears and nose. They have been isolated in one ward and no one is allowed to be go near them. The ward has been sprayed and any items they use remain in that ward,” said the officer.

Nyeri health Chief Officer Newton Wambugu confirmed that the two were admitted to the hospital but he did not reveal report that blood samples were taken to Kenya Medical Research Institute (Kemri) laboratory in Nairobi for further testing.

The hospital said both patients bleeding from their eyes and mouth had malaria. USA, LLC

Malaria the hospital said the Ebola patients bleeding from eyes, mouth and nose had malaria? this also happened in New Jersey at a gas station as reported by the media when a migrant was vomiting blood and had a high fever the hospital in new jersey said he had malaria

malaria what a surprise to everyone in New Jersey.





The chief medical officer however said the two Ebola patients tested positive for malaria

The two businessmen from Mathira are said to had traveled through Uganda from Democratic Republic of Congo for a business trip.

A week ago a patient suspected to have had Ebola virus in Kericho tested negative after blood samples were taken to Kemri laboratory.

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