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January 2019  Children’s Hospital is starting a clinical trial of vaccines against Ebola.

The study is sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, part of the National Institutes of Health.

Cincinnati Ebola vaccine Cincinnati Children’s is one of nine funded vaccine and treatment evaluation units. The trial will test two experimental vaccines together for their safety and ability to produce an immune response in healthy volunteer participants.

Cincinnati Children’s researchers are looking for up to 60 healthy volunteers, ages 18 to 45, to enroll in the trial. The volunteers will be split into three groups and assigned one of three combinations of the vaccines, which may include a placebo. Volunteers are needed for about seven months and will be monitored for adverse effects for six months after their first vaccination.

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During the clinic visits, the volunteers will get blood tests to assess potential immune responses to both experimental vaccines. Each volunteer will participate in the trial for about seven months.

“Researchers are looking for new ways to stop these outbreaks and to treat people who become infected and develop Ebola virus disease. The development of preventive vaccines for Ebola is a top global public health priority,” said lead trial investigator Paul Spearman, MD.

Anyone interested in volunteering for the study should call 513-636-7699 or click here for more information.


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