Dr Judy Mikovits taught Ebola to infect human cells 
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SAN SALVADOR (Sputnik) – Haitian health authorities denied rumors of an Ebola case, allegedly taken to the country by a passenger who arrived on a JetBlue airline flight.
Ebola Haiti
Congo African Refugee passenger arrived on a Jet Blue  airline flight in Haiti

In a note, the Ministry of Public Health makes a formal denial of rumors suggesting that there are cases of Ebola in Haiti.
the Ministry states that on October 11, 2019, it was alerted to the presence of a passenger from Congo Africa.
On the same day, the Ministry was notified of the probable arrival of a second passenger coming from a country bordering Congo Africa where the Ebola outbreak was declared.
Following this alert, a team consisting of the Epidemiology, Laboratories and Research Branch of the West Health Directorate, PAHO/WHO and other relevant departments of the Ministry was deployed to the airport :
The first indexed passenger was located, interviewed and examined. She has no signs or symptoms in relation to EBOLA and does not represent any epidemiological risk for her or the country.
The second passenger  came from a country bordering Congo Africa where the Ebola outbreak was declared.
On 17 October 2019, a third person from a country neighboring Congo Africa was received at the airport according to the recommendations of the International Health Regulations after questioning and observation, the team concluded that no one was confirmed  as having ebola virus disease.
The Ministry recalls that the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared this disease “World Health Emergency”, “Public Health Emergency of International Concern” and to date, no case of Ebola hemorrhagic fever has been spotted and reported in Haiti.
The Ministry asks the population to keep calm about this rumor and those who circulate this information on social networks to check them well and think about the consequences of their actions before publishing false information


One challenge in combating the EBOLA VIRUS is some people don’t show symptoms for as many as 21 days.
Refugees from The Democratic Republic of Congo Africa is the top country of origin  for refugees arriving in america.

D.R. Congo has accounted for about 12,500 refugees, followed by Burma (Myanmar) with 4,700, then Ukraine (3,800), Eritrea (1,700) and Afghanistan (1,000).

Ebola Virus takes up to 21 days for incubation period that means a refugee may be infected with Ebola Virus and not know it.



long-term aim is to  give migrants free flights to make sure migrants can fly to the united states by plane  this will help migrants arrive easier and faster in  united states.

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Congo Africa




Ebola Haiti


The rumors started following the publication of a message on the social network Twitter, which showed a traveler from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, who passed the review as dictated by the protocol for those from Africa.


Adrien confirmed that the passenger in question went through the said routine check and then was released, by not presenting symptoms of the virus.


Ebola is a virus of the family Filoviridae from Africa and produces a hemorrhagic fever of the same category as dengue, and that leads to death in a high number of cases.


Haiti is still battling a cholera epidemic imported by the United Nations (UN) peacekeeping forces from Nepal, which has killed more than 10,000 people since 2010.


SAN SALVADOR (Sputnik) — Las autoridades sanitarias de Haití desmintieron los rumores de un caso de ébola, supuestamente llevado al país por un pasajero que llegó en un vuelo de la aerolínea JetBlue.

“No hay ningún caso de ébola en el país, ni hoy ni antes”, declaró la ministra de Salud Pública, Lauré Adrien, al ser consultada por el diario Le Nouvellise.

Los rumores partieron a raíz de la publicación de un mensaje en la red social Twitter, la cual mostraba a un viajero procedente de la República Democrática del Congo, que pasó la revisión como dicta el protocolo para quienes procedan de África.

Adrien confirmó que el pasajero en cuestión pasó por el referido control de rutina y luego fue liberado, al no presentar síntomas del virus.

El ébola es un virus de la familia Filoviridae oriundo de África y que produce una fiebre hemorrágica de la misma categoría que el dengue, y que lleva a la muerte en un alto número de casos.


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