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Ebola Pathogens Program Manager


With an annual budget of $1.6 billion and more than 6,000 employees throughout the five boroughs, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (NYC DOHMH) is one of the largest public health agencies in the world, serving 8 million New Yorkers from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. With over 200 years of leadership in the field, we’re also one of our nation’s oldest public health agencies. The challenges we face range from obesity, diabetes and heart disease to HIV/AIDS, tobacco addiction and substance abuse, and the threat of bioterrorism. We’re tackling these issues with innovative policies and programs and getting exceptional results, but our work is never finished. The breadth of our innovative programs provides the widest range of choices for every member of our team.

DOHMH’s Office of Emergency Preparedness and Response (OEPR) promotes the Agency’s and NYC’s ability to prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from health emergencies. OEPR coordinates agency-wide emergency preparedness planning, exercises and training, evaluation of incident response, exercise performance and collaborates with community and healthcare stakeholders, city, state & federal partners on public health and healthcare emergency planning and response.


OEPR’s Bureau of Healthcare Systems Readiness (BHSR) is charged with coordinating with the NYC healthcare system to further healthcare sector integration into jurisdictional health/medical planning and response, build and support coalitions as drivers of facility preparedness and system-level response, and strengthen facility preparedness and response with the ultimate goal of optimizing the provision of healthcare during a disaster. DOHMH, the recipient of the Health and Human Services (HHS) Assistant Secretary of Preparedness and Response (ASPR) Healthcare Preparedness Program (HPP) – Ebola Supplemental grant award, develops and oversees deliverable-based contracts with partners in the healthcare delivery system (facilities, associations, networks, and coalitions) to increase the preparedness level of the overall healthcare system to respond to Ebola and special pathogens of public health concern. Our scope includes, but is not limited to: all NYC hospitals, all hospital networks, frontline emergency response agencies, and other subject matter expert coalitions. BHSR also works to enhance systems level readiness by addressing jurisdictional planning and response gaps with healthcare partners and sister agencies at the city, state and regional levels.

The selected candidate will be an employee of Public Health Solutions, which is the fiscal and administrative manager of the program, but will work at DOHMH’s headquarters in Long Island City, Queens, NY and be supervised by DOHMH.

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This is a short-term project (expected to end by May 2020).


This is an opportunity for a highly motivated individual to contribute to NYC’s healthcare system preparedness activities. Reporting to the Senior Medical Coordinator for Communicable Disease Preparedness, the selected candidate will provide support for:


Support the Ebola and special pathogen preparedness programming for healthcare partners including designated treatment centers, network coalitions, and partner agencies (e.g. FDNY), and special projects through deliverable-based contracts (7 Network Coalitions, 2 Designated Treatment Centers, FDNY, others).


Working with the Senior Medical Coordinator, support document development for assessing and supporting the preparedness needs of hospital networks and treatment centers for Ebola and special pathogens; this work may include (but not limited to) translating funding requirements into work plans, supporting exercise planning and execution, review of proposals and deliverables sent from the above hospitals and networks to meet preparedness needs and program requirements.


Coordinate and support joint planning activities with regional partners from NYC, New York state and New Jersey.


Work with the Senior Medical Coordinator and Medical Director to design and carry out new initiatives to support communicable disease preparedness.


Develop and maintain relationships with these healthcare entities and their representative leaders to ensure contract deliverables are on time and complete and program requirements are met.


Provide contract administrative management, carrying out tasks such as organizing documentation on SharePoint, maintaining customer service to healthcare representatives, set up and maintain tracking sheets for preparedness activities, approvals and spending; maintain clear and frequent communications and follow-up with facility representatives. Establish a reliable communications channel/method via a listserv or other mechanism, set up and maintain project manager standard operating procedures, set up and maintain business processes, write and maintain guidance materials and FAQs for new and existing initiatives.


Work closely with Senior Medical Coordinator and Medical Director to develop educational support materials to address healthcare system preparedness needs for special pathogens and other communicable disease risks.


Perform detail level planning, coordination and input on quarterly and annual meetings with healthcare Networks, Ebola Designated Treatment Center representatives, and city level preparedness partners.


Carry out administrative oversight for meeting coordination, calendaring, meeting handouts, presentation materials and other event logistics (e.g., arranging for venue and catering).

Support educational online materials and webinars including management of documents, coordinating with expert speakers, setting up and registering participants on webinars, and collation of meeting evaluation data.


Support coordination and tracking for training events and exercises taking place among the healthcare Networks, Ebola Designated Treatment Center and other healthcare facilities.


Support the Deputy Director of Healthcare System Readiness and Evaluation to distribute, collect and tabulate data for reporting or evaluation purposes to assess usefulness and impact of meetings, trainings and other educational sessions.

Support Deputy Director of Healthcare System Readiness and Evaluation and Senior Medical Coordinator in data analysis and interpretation as part of a longitudinal Communicable Disease Preparedness Program evaluation.

Previous experience working in fields related to emergency preparedness and response, planning and exercise, data analysis and/or infectious disease control and prevention is highly desirable.


Capacity and willingness to learn new software applications (e.g. Salesforce grant management application) to manage, track, and approve project deliverables.

Additionally, the ideal candidate for this position must be pro-active and self-motivated individual with ability to work in teams, a highly dynamic environment with multiple stakeholders and timelines, and have:


A Master’s Degree in Public Health, Health Administration, Public Administration, Business Administration or related field


A Bachelor’s Degree with at least three years’ experience in high level coordination or leadership of health or medical programs.


Experience with stakeholder engagement and project management, including monitoring scopes of work to achieve program goals.


Excellent communication (verbal & written) and interpersonal skills.


Strong analytical skills and ability to manage and report complex information.


Experience with data collection, analysis and interpretation.

Desire to grow professionally, develop new skills and willingness to work outside of comfort zone.

Experience working with the healthcare sector and coordinating projects involving multiple stakeholders.


This individual will be expected to work non-business hours during emergencies.

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