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Ebola New York

Ebola patients arrived today in New York

December 3, 2019

ebola new york

ebola patient arrives Dec 3, 2019 USA, LLC
Ebola new york

ebola patients arrive new york Dec 3, 2019

ebola new york

ebola patient arrives from africa


ebola new york


NYC Health and Hospitals transported several ebola virus patients today December 3, 2019

The ebola virus patients arrived today in New York from Congo Africa infected with Ebola Virus.

The hospitals were able to safely transport the infected ebola patients to hospitals across the new york city area.

Vanderbilt/Gotham Health Center in Staten Island received several ebola virus patients, the ebola patients were bleeding from skin, vomiting blood.

Hazmat crew attended the ebola patients on NYC ambulances and transported the confirmed Ebola patients to hospitals in Staten island and new york city area.

During the exercise, today the hospital was shut down in some areas, as police and new york city firefighters blocked several streets and hospital entrances, so the ebola hazmat crews and ebola patients could safely get into the hospital.

Several hospitals received ebola virus patients today

Decemeber 3, 2019

Bellevue Hospital, MN.

Vanderbilt/Gotham Health Center in Staten Island.

Jacobi Hospital, BX.


This Ebola virus exercise, was only a drill today, but hospitals in new york city expect to receive confirmed Ebola virus patients soon, as many people from new york are helping out with the current ebola outbreak, and some may get infected with ebola virus.

Congo african migrants are also arriving with possible ebola virus each day in new york city the african migrants are able to fly on direct flights from africa to america.

United Airlines and Delta are helping african migrants receive airline tickets as we documented through twitter pictures and also the United Airlines migrant program that helps migrants obtain free tickets to america.  Read the full story on how african migrants get free tickets to america





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