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Ebola Epidemic Could Last Another Year, C.D.C. Warns


Tamaulipas. – 20 Africans with symptoms of Ebola were detected in the shelters for migrants from Nuevo Laredo, the authorities still do not issue precautions.

The Division of Health of Customs and Border Protection, CBP (for its acronym in English) was the one who warned about the disease of the sheltered, nationals of the Congo.

According to information published by the World Health Organization (WHO) in the Congo, Africa, there have been 1,200 cases of Ebola, of which a thousand 140 have been confirmed.

It is worth mentioning that in Laredo there were eight Africans and 12 in Nuevo Laredo, with the possibility of suffering from the disease, however, this has not been confirmed. USA, LLC

Therefore, it is important to do the same in the shelters of both Laredos, said Dr. Héctor González, director of the Laredo Department of Health.

Ebola is a serious disease that regularly tends to be deadly for humans. The first symptoms appear between the first two days and three weeks after having contracted the virus (EVE) with fever, muscle aches, headache and throat.

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