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Ebola United States


Shreveport-Monroe Medical Center

Possible Ebola Patient


Ebola United States

MONROE, La. (11/17/2019) —   emergency room at Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport-Monroe Medical Center was shutdown out of an abundance of caution.

A patient, who had recently arrived from Africa arrived sick with EBOLA symptoms.


The hospital tells us they informed the Louisiana Office of Public Health, the hospital quickly sounded the EBOLA alarm throughout the hospital. USA, LLC


news crews on scene could see hospital security, wearing masks, turning people away from the hospital’s emergency room entrance.

At this time, there is no update on the condition of the possible Ebola patient.

However, the hospital did tell NBC 10 they will continue screening and treatment of the patient in the isolation ward of the hospital.


The african migrant just arrived sick with vomiting and fever all signs of Ebola virus.


Ebola Outbreak Map . Com


We reported on how african migrants receive free flights to america.

We are the first news outlet to report on this and how it is happening in america.



The atlanta airport is now screening people for ebola in atlanta



United Airlines Gives Free Flights To African Migrants

African Migrants Arrive in America

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Congo African Migrants arrive by the thousands in america

Congo Africa

Refugees on Planes. Helping African Migrants Get Free Flights

Ebola San Antonio Texas 

Washington DC airport screening people for Ebola




We commend our team for swiftly initiating our Ebola protocol, which includes screening and isolation of any patient suspected of having EBOLA 


At this time, according to the hospital 

Monroe Medical Center does not have any suspected or confirmed cases of Ebola.

However the hospital was shut down by police for a infectious disease patient, possible a code word for Ebola the african migrant just arrived from africa to the United States with a fever and vomiting

You decide does the african migrant patient have ebola ?

Would the hospital release a statement confirming a ebola patient?

What do you think?

what would be your reaction ?

this sounds like just a great pr stunt to assure people everything is ok nothing to see here please disperse



Ebola United States

Ebola United States

Ebola United States

Ebola United States

Ebola United States



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Ebola United States


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