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Ebola Virus Patient at Thionville hospital


the Ebola patient arrived infected with possible Ebola

By Antoine Barège 
A  Ebola patient from Congo Africa was admitted this  afternoon at the Bel-Air hospital in Thionville for a suspicion of “Ebola viral hemorrhagic fever”. 
The Ebola isolation and specific Ebola management procedure was applied. 
The nursing staff were treated for possible Ebola outbreak infections as well.
 Examinations of hundreds of people and Ebola quarantines are underway at the hospital.

The Ebola patient was brought by an ambulance at 12:20 pm to the emergency department of the Bel-Air hospital in Thionville.

After a first medical examination, the Ebola isolation procedure was applied around 13:00 due to ‘a “suspicion of Ebola hemorrhagic viral fever .

The Ebola patient from Congo Africa and his wife,  who accompanied the patient, was placed in Ebola solitary confinement. USA, LLC

No contact with other patients, but contact with ambulance crew, nurses and doctors at hospital.

Hundreds of people are all being quarantined for Ebola virus.


The Congo African migrant man from Moselle, was not in contact with other patients in the emergency department of the Bel-Air hospital, but was in contact with the ambulance crew, doctors and nurses at the hospital.

Hygiene procedures have been applied by hospital management, ” Ebola bio-cleaning HAZMAT level 4 “.


No more details on condition of Ebola virus patient as of yet today. 

This is what we know so far


The Ebola patient was examined by medical specialists in infectious disease.

Around 8:00 p.m., the patient was treated by ” a specialized team from the Nancy University Hospital ” to benefit from Ebola virus treatment.

Pending further investigations, the quarantine of Ebola Virus hemorrhagic fever has not been lifted.


The entourage under Ebola surveillance


In a press release this Tuesday evening, the CHR of Metz-Thionville explains that ” the chain of people who have been in contact with the Ebola patient, has been reassembled in connection with the services of the Regional Health Agency of the Grand Est, in order to inform them of what to do if Ebola virus symptoms develop  in the next 21 days”



The original story appeared in french and was translated from french into English.



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