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Ebola Virus infects 82 Doctors and nurses

The health ministry of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) said a health worker in Musienene is one of seven new Ebola patients added to the Ebola outbreak today.


The 7 Ebola virus cases include 3 in Katwa and 1 each in Mandima, Vuhovi, Musienene, and Beni. In addition, officials noted 5 new Ebola virus deaths in confirmed Ebola patients, including community deaths in Vuhovi and Musienene. USA, LLC


The Ebola virus cases raise outbreak totals to 1,107, of which 1,041 are confirmed and 66 are probable. In total, there have been 695 deaths since the outbreak began last August in North Kivu and Ituri provinces.


The healthcare worker in Musienene brings the total number of health workers infected during the outbreak to 82 (7.4% of all confirmed or probable cases), and 29 of them have died, the DRC said.

In an update released late yesterday, the DRC recorded 8 new confirmed cases, and 7 deaths, including 5 community deaths. Butembo and Katwa each had a community death, and Mandima recorded 3.


Community deaths have been a compounding factory of this outbreak, as they enable the virus to spread more easily among family members and funeral attendees.


“The three main outbreaks of the epidemic during these 21 days are Katwa (44), Vuhovi (32) and Mandima (24) who together reported 62.5% (100/160) of all cases,” the DRC said yesterday.

Three healthcare workers in Katwa are among recently confirmed case-patients, as are 2 in Vuhovi and 1 in Mandima.

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