Ebola Virus Kills Two Soldiers

JANUARY 29, 2019

Ebola Virus Kills Two Soldiers


“Two of our soldiers have died from the Ebola virus in Beni. Three others are under observation,” army spokesperson Major Mak Hazukay told AFP.

“All measures have been taken to stop the troops from being contaminated,” he added.

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The deaths of the soldiers brought the total toll to 459 recorded deaths, according to official figures, and highlighted the challenge of controlling the epidemic in the strife-torn east.

Doctor Michel Tosalisa, in charge of the affected Beni region, confirmed two soldiers were among the latest Ebola victims.

In eastern and northern parts of DR Congo, 682 confirmed cases of Ebola have been recorded and 54 probable cases, the health ministry said on Monday.

From the 459 Ebola deaths recorded, 405 were confirmed and 54 probable.

The latest outbreak was declared on August 1 in the region of Beni, a major market town in North Kivu, and quickly spread to neighboring Ituri province.


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