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Ebola England



 AUG 9, 2019

Passengers  “quarantined” on a plane after a suspected Ebola virus outbreak occurred on board.


Dozens of emergency services personnel are at the scene and passengers were not allowed to leave the tarmac


Passengers at Manchester Airport were “quarantined” on a plane for over an hour after a medical incident on board.


Many passengers on flight BE3122 from Paris posted on social media while they were quarantined for a possible Ebola virus outbreak that occurred on the plane.

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photos taken from inside the aircraft by passengers showed dozens of emergency services vehicles lined up on the tarmac surrounding the plane.

The African migrant woman was staying in a small village in Sierra Leone African before boarding the flight.

Passengers on board claimed someone was “sick” on board explosive projectile vomiting throughout the plane and that passengers were quarantined on the flight while a Ebola Virus response was coordinated by the department of public health officials.


A statement  by Flybe said: that, as a precautionary measure on arrival in Manchester and following a passenger on the flight falling sick, they are working closely with the Public Health  to collect  contact details from all 107 passengers on board exposed to the unknown disease outbreak that occurred.


“This would allow them to be fully traceable if, passengers contract Ebola virus from the bloody vomit that was spewed onto them during the flight.


It is unclear at this point what happened on board the plane to prompt such a large scale response at the airport.

More than likely it seems that the airlines and public health suspect Ebola Virus, and the migrant that was from Africa may have Ebola Virus.

HAZMAT LEVEL 4 BIO HAZARD TEAM is scheduled to deep clean the plane.  This is standard procedure in suspected Ebola virus outbreak incidents.

Aircraft must be cleaned with a special crew arriving with HAZMAT BIO LEVEL 4 Ebola Virus training and the airline will then return the plane to service after the plane is decontaminated by certified EBOLA specialists.

Flybe can confirm that all 106 passengers asked to remain on board the above flight upon arrival into Manchester this morning were given the all-clear to disembark without further restriction and have since done so.

The aircraft, following a deep clean, has also been given the all-clear by the authorities to return back into service as soon as this is completed.


Public Health England also made a statement that they were informed of a possible Ebola Outbreak on a plane, that a migrant was vomiting and became very ill with  gastro-intestinal symptoms vomiting and explosive diarrhea  during  flight to Manchester.

The migrant from africa was transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital for treatment.  The airline did not give the hospital name or any more details about the condition of the migrant or how long the migrant was expected to live.

The airline official statement

We have undertaken a risk assessment and can confirm that any risk of infection to passengers is very low.

We have followed established multi-agency plans and procedures, which sometimes include collecting information from passengers as a precaution. All other passengers have gone on to continue their journeys.




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