FedEx sends supplies crew to fight Ebola Virus

ebola virus
Dr Judy Mikovits taught Ebola to infect human cells 
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FedEx airlifted medical shelters and relief supplies  to Africa to help combat  outbreak of Ebola Virus.

FedEx shipped nearly 30,000 pounds of shelters and supplies for International Medical Corps from the FedEx Express world hub in Memphis, bound for the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The shipment is part of an International Medical Corps’ emergency field hospital that’s maintained at a Memphis warehouse in collaboration with FedEx.

The Democratic Republic of Congo’s Special Envoy to the US expresses optimism over his country’s fight against the lethal Ebola virus. “We are going to manage this crisis,” Raymond Tshibanda says in an Associated Press interview. (May 30) AP

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The Los Angeles-based corps said in a news release that the shipment was part of its response to the recent outbreak of Ebola Virus entering an “alarming phase.”

Portable hospital in Memphis will respond to disasters around the world

“With confirmed cases of Ebola Virus now in a densely populated urban city, the race to contain the deadly virus has become more urgent,” said Nancy Aossey, president and chief executive of International Medical Corps.

“FedEx is making it possible for these critical supplies and equipment to be quickly delivered to our team in Kinshasa, allowing us to kick our lifesaving response efforts into high gear at a time when it is needed most,” Aossey said.

World Health Organization officials were revising upward, to 100-300 cases, the number of Ebola cases anticipated in Democratic Republic of Congo in May-July.

Reuters said Congo’s Health Ministry on Monday reported up to 54 cases of Ebola causing 25 deaths.

Ebola is transmitted through bodily fluids. A West African outbreak from 2013-2016 killed 11,300, Reuters said.

“I know I speak for the more than 425,000 FedEx team members around the globe when I say our thoughts and prayers are with those who continue to be affected by this crisis,” said David L. Cunningham, FedEx Express president and chief executive officer.

“When people are in need, it is humbling to be able to offer our global fleet and network to help facilitate a swift response.”

FedEx and International Medical Corps are teaming up to move a portable, rapidly deployable, fully functional field hospital from Boise, Idaho to Memphis as part of their collaboration to respond rapidly to disasters. Brad Vest/The Commercial Appeal

The shelters are intended to be used for screening, referral and isolation units.

The corps said its Emergency Response Team would provide Ebola training for frontline healthcare workers, equip health facilities and set up screening, referral and isolation units in affected areas.

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