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Ebola treatment suspends in Ebola outbreakMike Huckabee was “quarantined” on a plane Thursday morning due to suspected exposure to ebola virus on board, he revealed in a tweet.

Former Arkansas governor and two-time Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee said he was stuck on ebola virus”quarantined” plane Thursday morning at Nashville International Airport.

After taking a five-hour red eye flight on American Airlines from Los Angeles to Nashville, the former Arkansas governor wrote, “On ground for 40 min and now told someone on board is sick and we are being towed to other gate and quarantined.”

“1 hr after landing got to far away gate where @AmericanAir will hopefully get us off this plane! Medical personal[sic] at gate,” he wrote alongside an image that appeared to show an ambulance and a fire truck outside his window. “Hope it’s not because I got that straw in CA!” USA, LLC

Leslie Mayo, a spokesperson for American Airlines, said flight 1289 landed just before 5 a.m. and was moved to a “remote area of the airport” while paramedics evaluated a passenger.

Just before 7 a.m., Nashville International Airport spokesperson Shannon Sumrall confirmed passengers had been released from the plane.

In a statement, Sumrall said the passenger in question had been “medically cleared by a physician prior to the flight” but did not have paperwork.

The passenger “was talking about the recent illness and other passengers on board became worried of exposure,” Sumrall said. The flight crew notified the airport.

“For safety, passengers were held by BNA Police until contact was made with the physician to confirm clearance, which it was,” Sumrall said.

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